As we reach a new year we cannot help but be bombarded with the buzzword “Resolution”. It comes up in casual conversation as you and your BFF are grabbing a cup of coffee and she asks what your resolutions are, or at work by your colleagues who are dying to tell you all about how they’re now on Keto and it’s going to “change their lives” and obviously, you should be too otherwise you basically hate your body.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a fresh start, but more importantly I’m all for a fresh start whenever one is needed, not just around the New Year. I also feel that since we’re all obsessing over it anyway, we should really just come up with a plan (I’m a big plan guy) for our futures and the lives we wish to lead, not just in 2018, but going forward. For me this plan comes in the form of goal setting. Now I’m not an expert goal setter, but since I’ve been running a business for the past three years I have definitely come to understand the importance of goals and translating that into a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily plan.

I decided that based on what I have learnt around the topic of goal setting and what has worked for me in the past, I would share 10 top tips I find most helpful for goal setting:

1. Understand what makes a goal a goal – a goal needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. One way to remember that is to use the acronym “SMART”. If a goal does not fit these guidelines chances are you’ll fall short or it’ll be “too easy” which won’t translate to a lasting improvement; ie. “I will work out more this year.” If you haven’t worked out before working out once will equate to meeting this goal – no real work is done here.

2. Categorize your goals for the year – This will be a complete picture of what you wish to accomplish this year while also creating a reflection of the life you wish to lead. On a piece of paper turned horizontally draw four vertical lines creating five equal spaces along the paper. At the top of each space label a category. For me those categories are as follows: career, financial, personal, spiritual, and family. Obviously these may look different for you based on what’s most important in your life, but I find that these five are pretty standard. Beneath each heading write up to five goals (no more than five for each because you want to ensure that you actually reach these goals) reflecting the change you’d like to see in each of these categories. These goals should be big ones and if you find you want to focus on one area more than another, by all means - whatever feels important to you. I’ll give you a couple of examples:

1. Under personal I have written: “I will make more time to spend with my family this year than I did last year”. Important note: “make time”, meaning that my family is becoming more of a priority this year than it was last year. This also follows the SMART guidelines (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound).

2. Under career I have written: “I will use prospecting and network marketing to meet 10 new prospective clients every month”; again, using SMART guidelines.

3. Break down yearly goals into quarterly goals - Now that we have a handful of goals you wish to achieve this year, let’s break those down into what we need to do each quarter to achieve our goals. For instance, if your goal was to gross $100,000 in 2018 it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to gross $25,000 in your first quarter to stay on track with that. Or if your goal was to increase your client base by 25% this year, you’ll need to see that number reflected per quarter ie. Last year’s first quarter had a client base of 15, this year you need to see that base grow to around 17.

4. Break down quarterly goals into monthly goals -  Now that we know what we need to see quarterly, we need to break this down into monthly tasks – by the way, a really good book to read on this is “The 12 Week Year” by Brian P. Moran. The way I do this is I reflect on my goals at the beginning of each month. I first look at my productivity and accomplishments from the previous month and I build a plan for the upcoming month based on what I have accomplished and what is left to accomplish in my quarterly goal. For instance, if I notice that I needed to gross $8,000 the previous month to hit my quarterly goal but I fell short by $2,000, I now need a plan to raise that additional amount this month. In my business that dollar amount translates to roughly half a transaction, but to close one transaction I typically need to meet with five new people, so now my goal for prospecting has moved from 10 to 15 new prospective clients. This could mean I need to host an additional open house or two, reach out to more people on my social media or revisit my past client base a little more intentionally.

5. Break down monthly goals into weekly goals - This next step may seem pretty obvious. The most important thing I have invested in (a whopping $30 investment) is a new day planner every year. Aside for the obvious reasons of keeping my life in order, it has also helped me stay focused on my monthly and weekly goals. My day planner has the entire week at a glance (I am the MOST OCD when picking a new day planner) so that I can write my weekly goals right at the top of each week and stay focused on these every morning when I check my planner. One of my goals this year is to maintain a daily workout routine and use exercise as an outlet for my negative energy. Once I break that down I have decided that working out 4-5 times per week is measurable and completely achievable with the right time management. So this action step is to invest in a day planner – it’ll help you focus on your monthly, weekly and daily goals and actions you need to achieve to reach your long term goals. Take this one seriously!!

6. Break down weekly goals into daily goals – Now that we have a plan for the week, month, quarter and year, we can create a plan for each and every day. For me this comes in the form of a “morning routine”. This doesn’t work for everyone, but it does for me as I know that if I don’t completely set up my day before my meetings and appointments I feel incredibly stressed and anxious for the entirety of the day. I won’t go into too much detail of what my morning routine looks like, but what I can tell you is that I have had to sit down and write this routine out (remember, big “plan guy” over here) so that I stick to it and don’t become paralyzed with the “I have so much to do but no idea where to start” mentality that can seriously get the best of us. Trust me, this is a big reason you don’t get what you need to get done every day: you are overwhelmed with everything you need to do in a day and the best way to combat this is to break down what needs to get done each day and chip away at it one item at a time. (Today my day planner reads: “2018 goal setting blog”. Check.)

7. Time blocking – With every social media app, email, newsfeed and constant social life that is texting at the tip of our fingers, it’s VERY difficult to stay focused these days. What a revelation – I know – but I came to the realization that I was wasting SO much time on these time suckers that even though I felt like I had accomplished so much my daily to-dos were still left unchecked. One piece of advice I got early on in my career was to time block and become a better manager of my time. I time block my morning (part of my morning routine) to reflect certain things that need to get done each day including answering emails, touching base with my clients, creating reports and comparative analyses, etc. During this time I don’t allow myself to check social media, answer personal texts or phone calls, and I’m not allowed to do any of these things until my morning routine is complete. Some people call this their “Power Hour”, I just call it getting shit done. It’s very effective.

8. Keep an accountability log – I also use my day planner for this as I set my monthly, weekly and daily goals directly into this book and can check them off as I go. Another great visual is to use a white board to write your goals and tick them off as you move through the year. The visualization of reaching goals and the satisfaction of crossing them out are sometimes all the motivation we need to keep going.

9. Have an accountability partner – Typically you’ll find someone like-minded in your profession or industry who also has some serious goals to crush. If you don’t find someone in your professional sphere maybe look at your personal one – a friend, partner, family member; you’d be surprised how many people are searching to find help to make 2018 their best year yet. Make a weekly or monthly appointment to check in with said person to discuss your outstanding goals for that week or month and review what you have accomplished that you said you would. Sharing your goals with someone is a great way to ensure you’ll stick to them. Not only do have to be accountable to yourself, but now you have someone else to answer to.

10. Celebrate each and every success – All too often we breeze through life achieving one goal and chomping at the bit to reach the next. It’s incredibly motivating to achieve your goals and that gets us excited to move on to the next which is a great side effect, but I encourage you to pause and celebrate your successes as they come. Creating new habits, reaching new heights and starting to see the life you designed for yourself unfold are no small tasks – so celebrate them. Go out for a fancy dinner, buy that expensive bottle of wine or take that trip you said you’d take once you reached a specific income level. Life is short – stay focused, but always make time to honour yourself


Happy Almost December 1st!


Although I tend to put my tree up early (November 12th to be exact) I realize - and respect - that most people like to put their trees up in the first week of December. Keep in mind, I don’t have kids and have only been in my home for 4 years so it’s still very much a novelty for me.


There are a hundred ways to decorate a tree (101 if you count not decorating it, you know, minimalist type) so I thought I would break it down to a few categories and point you in the right direction for finding the perfect ornaments and décor. I have searched high and low people – I think I have it covered.


The first category and always a fan favorite: Traditional.



The Traditional Christmas tree – at least to me – is draped in rich reds, plaids, and royal blues and golds and I tend to picture it sitting in a cabin in the woods. You guessed it, I’ve never actually had the “traditional” tree. However, it is gorgeous and timeless and probably the tree that looks most in its "natural habitat".


When thinking about this tree and how to decorate both tree and space I think of wide plaid ribbons and oversized throw pillows, white and red ornaments, natural elements like pinecones and wood and warm (faux) furs. I’ve linked a few photos below to get you started on creating the perfect, traditional Christmas tree and accompanied space.



Next on the list and my personal favorite: The Glam Tree



The Glam tree uses so many shiny metallic elements paired with softer elements, shades of black and white and geometric shapes. I love mixing different golds, different metals and adding touches of cream to my tree so this is always the direction I head in. You can also achieve this look with the use of grenery, gold ribbons, and faux furs – all of which I also use in my own home.


Again, I have linked décor items below to get you started on a Glam Christmas:



Next up on our list is the White Christmas Tree



This one really doesn’t get any simpler, but is absolutely not ideal for households with small children (is any household with small children ideal for Christmas décor?) This is also a timeless look and possibly the most elegant of the bunch. To avoid the cold, sterile look of too much white mix in warmer elements like faux furs, feathers and greenery. Create deoth and shine with golds and silvers.


Click the pictures below to see where to start:



Another trend this year comes to us in what’s called the Coastal Christmas Tree



This Christmas tree is of course inspired by the sea and is definitely for the more adventurous type. Using teals, seafoam tones, soft whites and tans, metallic seashells and stars, and different nautical wood items this look doesn’t have to be too complicated. If you’re feeling a little blue during this cold season, maybe a tree inspired the sea is meant for you.


Click the photos if you’re ready to get daring this year:



Lastly, but certainly not least, is one of my most favorite trends this year: The Blush Christmas Tree




I think some would (and could) probably argue that this really isn’t a new trend but more of a throwback of an old classic. There is something so luxurious and glamorous about pink and gold hues that make this Christmas tree both charming and modern. Pair this blush with rose golds, copper, soft tans and greys, and bright whites and you have got yourself my dream tree!




So there you have it, a round up of the 2017 Tree Trends I'm swooning over this year. Of course there are MANY more decor choices I didn't list here (silver on white, blue and gold, and mint & blush to name a few), but these are the styles that stick out to me most this year. As for myself, well my already put together tree is top to bottom glam with golds, brass, creams, and champagne.



Ok PSL lovers, time to unite! I was recently at an event with some girlfriends who expressed how they were both excited but overwhelmed to decorate their spaces to reflect the change in season. So like a good little Design addict, I’ve decided to sit down and take a few minutes to talk Fall Decorating with you and give you concrete examples of what we've been swooning over to welcome the new season and how it can be easy for you to do so too! Click on the photos to see where we're finding our new obsessions!



The first and easiest way to get your home ready for fall is introducing warm colours to your home. This year we’re seeing Warm Creams, Dark Blues, Rich Plums and (do I dare say it?!) Orange! Introducing colour doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be as easy as a new throw for the couch, a few decorative pillows, fresh flowers, a table runner or some cute accessories. 




The quickest way to warm up a space is to light a small fire. Since not all of us have fireplaces a way to work around this is to invest in some cute candles to immediately warm up a space and turn your living space into a cozy and comfy home. Fire up those candles and throw on your comfiest flannels and summer will be a distant memory as you psych yourself up for a new season. Pro tip: find candles with Basic scents like “Mulled Cider & Cinnamon ” and “Crackling Firewood Ember” to really bring out your Fall obsession.



Same concept as colour, introducing textures to your home is an easy way to warm up a space. Marrying warm tones with warm textures will get your home ready for the Holidays and quickly invite all those warm fuzzy feels of Pumpkin Spiced Lattés and wool socks. Textures we’ve been using this fall are faux fur in throws, velvet pillows, wood and metallic accessories, and greenery.




Very obviously the first accessory that pops into mind when thinking Fall accessories is the coveted (overrated?) pumpkin which is a Fall staple in every Pinterest-ing individual’s home – myself included. But why not?? With all the different sizes, colours and finishes pumpkins come in these days they make for the perfect and easiest way to put your own unique twist on the traditional pumpkin. Another Fall fave of course is the wreath, among many other fun accessories that declare “Hey Fall, let’s do this!”




Getting ready for Fall and cooler weather is always exciting to me because it reminds me that the Holidays are quickly approaching and that means hosting! One way to get excited about Fall is to give your dining set a makeover. Investing in a holiday table runner, place mats and new tableware is another way to get your home ready for all the cider drinking and fire gazing you’ll be indulging in in the months to come.







The beginning of the year is often a time for New Year's Resolutions and making some decisions about your future. For me it's a time to write down my goals and decide how I will shape my next year to help achieve those goals.

A big goal that I have, and many people tend to have, is to get finances in order in the sense that funds are being allocated properly and smart investments are made.

It came to me that one of your goals this year may be to purchase your first home. For anyone who knows me - this is my wheelhouse! I love working with first time homebuyers and guiding them through this process which for most seems intimidating at first. My number one tool for first time home buyers is education to ensure this first purchase is a smart one. 

Today I decided to break the process down a little for you to read and possibly start doing your own research. Ultimately, I want you to talk to me first, but if you're still of the mindset that you'd like to figure some things out for yourself, I'll leave these here so you can browse through these from the comfort of your home/office without any pressure to start making moves.

5 Steps to Buying your First Home:

1. Decide if home ownership is right for you:

I have encountered enough clients to know that home ownership really isn't for everyone, and that's ok, but it's something I'm not sure enough people are considering ahead of time. For starters it is a tremendous investment and an equally tremendous amount of responsibility. If you are comfortable making smaller rental payments along with your monthly expenses, a mortgage can be a huge shock. Often people get hung up on the down payment and closing costs, but truly it's so much more than that. Of course your down payment is your first step, but you also have to consider your mortgage payment, CMHC fee (if you plan on putting down anything less than 20%), property taxes, home insurance, condo fees (if that's where you plan on purchasing first), monthly utilities AND THEN your monthly extras like telecommunications, groceries, entertainment, etc.

Like I said, it also comes with it's fair share of responsibility. You now own property and along with that many unexpected things can occur such as leaky hot water tank, a a strange noise coming from the furnace, to name a few. One of the biggest reasons I suggest a home inspection to my first time home buyers is because it forces you as a homebuyer to look at the house in components rather than the totality and a home inspector can and will teach you about these components and how to maintain them over the years to come.

2. Talk to a mortgage specialist:

All those items I just threw at you in terms of monthly costs will be addressed with your mortgage specialist who will help you make a decision as to what you can comfortably afford. Like I said, down payment is one thing, your budget will dictate what you can purchase with your current income and personal debt ratio. They will also look at a particular purchase price and take into account all the monthly expenses to create a budget to see if you can afford that monthly payment, and if you feel comfortable with paying that monthly payment. Remember: not everyone is comfortable paying this monthly, even if they can afford it.

Many people feel this is an awkward and uncomfortable step to take as they don't usually need to discuss their finances, but if you do anything this year, it's just that; discuss your finances with a professional and decide where you and your money are going in the future. You need a plan, easy as that.

A mortgage specialist will help you with that plan and even if you come to the conclusion that this won't be the year of home ownership, a mortgage specialist or financial advisor can help you come up with a plan that allows this dream in the future with a definite date to reach your goal.

Side note: you NEED a good mortgage specialist!! Not only is this person the "gate keeper" to your new home, they're also a wealth of information in the home buying process. So talk to me if you don't have one, I'll hook you up.

3. Talk to me!

This one seems obvious, but once you've made the decision to become a home owner and you've met with a mortgage specialist to discuss your finances, the next step is to spend some time with me. In our first buyer meeting I will go over the process in its entirety, teach you how to read the Multiple Listing System, as I will send you listings via email, teach you how to read an offer to purchase, teach you about different areas of the city and their respective price points, and discuss closing costs with you if that hadn't come up with the mortgage specialist already. Honestly this list goes on and on, but why don't we just meet so I can explain in person.

4. Hit the ground running!

This is the fun part. nNow that we've all talked your ear off, we get to go hunting for your new home. Looking at houses/condos for the first time is truly exciting and I promise to keep it fun. Of course my job is to educate you on red flags that I see and potential future issues, but for the most part the experience should be fun and exciting. Just think: one if these will be yours in just a matter of time!

5. Closing on a property:

Now we've chosen your new home, just a few more steps to the finish line. At this point we will make a decision about what we can purchase the home for, how we will write the offer to purchase to ensure everyone is a happy camper, and negotiate until both you - the buyer - and the seller feel their needs have been met.

Once we have a confirmed deal we go to work on getting your mortgage in line and completing a home inspection if you so choose. At this point there are also a number of "behind the scenes" things happening such as ensuring your lawyer has a copy of your offer, your mortgage instructions are sent to your lawyer, your insurer has complete information about the home to ensure you get proper insurance, etc. Truthfully, there are quite a few moving parts in this step, but I am extremely organized and I have this system stream lined to ensure you never miss a deadline and that no detail gets missed.

There you have it: a very quick overview of purchasing a home with me. Like I've said a few times, it is a little more involved, but let's grab a cup of coffee to really get into it - my treat!

2017 is your year and I'm here to help you reach your real estate goals!


It’s around this time of year that I start to truly count my blessings and understand just how fortunate I am. I don’t mean this on a professional level (although I do truly feel incredibly blessed to have the support I do that enables me to run a company that helps so many families throughout the year), but I mean this on a more basic level. Too often I find myself taking for granted the things that not everyone has such as my health and the health of my loved ones. I don’t know about you, but in my world there has been all kinds of tragedy this year affecting people I know and it’s really forced me to take note of just how lucky I am. It’s in these times I find myself feeling guilty for complaining about this or that and neglecting to take into account what I already have – again, not on a professional, materialistic level.

This year I felt incredibly inspired to not only give back to my community, but reach out to you in hopes that you’ll find information in this short piece that calls to you and pulls at your heart strings. When I first moved to this city 8 years ago I didn’t know just how amazing of a community Winnipeg is in its charitable efforts and I’m STILL learning about new initiatives and communities popping up and lending a hand where it’s needed. Now that I do know and I have gotten more involved over the years, I find it easier to get out and help where help is needed, so I’m hoping this helps you get out the door and get involved with something you feel passionate about, too.

Since you may not know where to start but have a desire to help, I decided to put together a short (literally just skimming the top) list of places/organizations you can get involved with this year to give back to the less fortunate in this most giving time of year:


Winnipeg Harvest: non-profit community organization committed to sharing food with people who struggle to feed themselves and their families.

          How can you get involved this season:

  • Donate food: food is accepted at the Winnipeg Harvest warehouse located at 1085 Winnipeg Ave off McPhillips St. between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday-Friday and 8:00-4:00 on Saturdays.


Top 10 most wanted food items:

  • Canned fish and poultry (tuna, or salmon (packed in water), chicken, or turkey)
  • Canned fruit and vegetables
  • Canned stew, chili, brown beans
  • Peanut butter
  • Baby food (jars, infant cereal, formula *with added iron*)
  • Whole grain past/whole wheat pasta
  • Rice
  • Canned spaghetti sauce or tomatoes
  • Cereal (non-sugar coated)
  • Canned soup
  • Donate time: currently there is a critical need for drivers, maintenance, warehouse, sortation and custodial volunteers. For more on how you can donate your time, follow this link:
  • Donate money: Can’t make it there? The next best thing is donating resources to help fund their efforts. In order to do so, follow this link:

Project Echo: Winnipeg based charity with the goal of improving our community by helping those in need. It is a way for Winnipeggers to collectively give of their time, money or efforts to achieve a better quality of life for our community. The Echo is when we reach out to our community for help and they respond back.

         How can you get involved this season:

  • Sam’s Christmas: providing hampers to deserving families each year. These are no ordinary hampers as we not only ensure that families receive gifts for Christmas, we also make sure they receive items to help them maintain quality of life. The hampers include perishable and non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent, toiletries, and clothing for the whole family. Some families have been able to get back on their feet after receiving a Sam’s Christmas hamper since it removes the stress of the holidays and allows them to focus on taking care of their family. You can donate to Sam’s Christmas by following this link and donating funds for hampers today:

Lighthouse Mission: Lighthouse Mission has served the less fortunate in inner-city Winnipeg since 1911. In our over a century of service, Lighthouse Mission has provided food, clothing, friendship, hope, joy and love to those in need in our community. As Lighthouse Mission grows, we remain committed to serving Winnipeg’s less fortunate with excellence and providing an opportunity through which the church and community can compassionately care for the poor and homeless. Your generosity and support makes it possible for Lighthouse Mission to continue to meet our communities need.

          How can you get involved this season:

  •  Donate food: Food donations can be dropped off at the Mission 669 Main St. or call to arrange a pick up 204-943-9669.

Food items needed:  

  • Oatmeal
  • Canned food 
  • Kraft dinner
  • Dry pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Beans
  • Veggies (frozen/canned)
  • Juice crystals/boxes
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Granola bars
  • Turkeys

Non-Food Items:

  • Gloves & Mitts
  • Winter Jackets
  • Heavy blankets/quilts

United Way Winnipeg Koats for Kids: Koats for Kids has been a Winnipeg institution since 1989. Every year, from October to February, the program distributes thousands of pieces of winter outerwear to families. For some children, having a warm coat means attending school on a cold day, instead of staying home. It’s part of United Way’s commitment to helping children and youth be all they can be.

To donate gently used winter outerwear, please drop off donations to any Winnipeg Fire Paramedic station, Perth’s Drycleaners location or the AMJ Campbell Van Lines office at 12-1333 Niakwa Road. If you have a large donation, call 204-586-5628 or email


Be a Santa to a Senior: Be a Santa to a Senior program is run by Home Instead Senior Care and program partners that has delivered over 10,000 gifts to seniors in the community

To be a Santa to a Senior, follow the link for a list of locations to purchase tags:


Winnipeg Humane Society: A community service organization committed to protecting animals from suffering, and to promoting their welfare and dignity.

In these cold weather months it’s also important to think of our less fortunate friends of the furry kind and take time to help out where we can. You can help the Winnipeg Humane Society by donating time, or money. It’s easy to get involved, for more information, follow this link:


I truly hope that by seeing just how simple it is to pick an organization (or a couple) and give where it’s needed you feel inspired to reach out and giving to those who might find themselves in a less fortunate situation this year. Like I said earlier, this is truly just scratching the surface, but I wanted to take some research out of the equation for you so that you can spend your time better by just going out and doing what needs to be done, in any way you can.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.



October MLS® Sales Down Less Than 3%

WINNIPEG - With two months to go, it is too close to call whether this year’s sales activity can eke out a victory over 2015. The lead has changed a few times when comparing sales activity between 2015 and 2014. At present, 2014 regains the lead with a total of 11,391 versus 11,382 sales this year. Last year was WinnipegREALTORS® fifth highest sales year recorded at over 12,800 sales. It was a good year and only less than 2% off the best year in 2007.

On the other hand, MLS® dollar volume continues to set new records every year even if sales fall short of previous years. 2015 is no different. Its $3.1 billion in MLS® sales transactions activity is up 2% over 2014. Listings entered on the MLS® for the first 10 months are 22,400, an 8% increase over 2014.

October MLS® sales of 1,084 represent a decrease of less than 3% from October 2014 while dollar volume of $283 million dropped a similar percentage to last October. New listings of over 1,800 in October were slightly more than what came on the market in October 2014.

“When you see some of the mixed sales results across the country such as Calgary’s sales being well off last year’s activity, I am pleased to say Winnipeg is holding its own,” said David MacKenzie, president of WinnipegREALTORS®. “We should appreciate our economic fundamentals remain solid and this should give us reason to see us finish off well this year and feel confident going into 2016. Both Manitoba’s employment and population have increased in the first nine months.”

In CMHC’s most recent Fall 2015 Housing Market Outlook for Winnipeg and its surrounding rural municipalities, it indicates:

“Elevated levels of net migration will continue to have a positive impact on housing demand as new immigrants make their way into homeownership. Adding to demand is a turnaround in employment in 2015 after the losses experienced in 2014. Gains in full time jobs, particularly among workers aged 25 to 44 who tend to be first time buyers and favour housing at the lower price points, will support resale growth.”

One area WinnipegREALTORS® will need to keep monitoring is the higher than usual supply of listings as it moves into slower months of sales activity. Heading into November there are over 2,700 residential-detached properties and around 800 condominiums available for sale. In the second quarter where more brisk sales activity occurs, residential-detached active listings were as high as 3,301 while condominiums peaked at 983.

“Buyers are in an enviable position to take advantage of plentiful choice of listings in all of our MLS® property types,” said MacKenzie. “You need to be talking to a REALTOR® - the MLS® market expert - on what will best fit your needs according to your particular preferences and qualifications to meet financial obligations for the property you desire.”

A sign of a far more balanced market with healthy competition for buyers is only 6% of all residential-detached or single family homes sold at list price in October while 82% went for below and 12% went for above list price. Nevertheless, the total residential-detached sales dollar volume in October represented 97% of the total dollar volume worth of listings sold.

The most active price range in October for residential-detached sales was $250,000-$299,999 (21% of sales), followed by the $200,000-$249.999 (20%) and $150,000-$199,999 (13%). Average days on market for residential-detached sales was 35 days, 1 day faster than October 2014. The highest-priced residential-detached sale was $1,125,000. The least expensive sale was $18,000.

The busiest condo price ranges were the $250,000-$299,999 (22% of sales) and the $150,000- $199,999 (22% of sales), followed by the $200,000-$249,999 (19%). Average days on market for condominium sales was 47 days, a week off pace set in October 2014. The highest-priced condo sale was $599,900 and the lowest-priced sale was $88,000.


Established in 1903, WinnipegREALTORS® is a professional association representing over 1,880 real estate brokers, salespeople, appraisers, and financial members active in the Greater Winnipeg Area real estate market. Its REALTOR® members adhere to a strict code of ethics and share a state-of-the-art Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) designed exclusively for REALTORS®. WinnipegREALTORS® serves its members by promoting the benefits of an organized real estate profession. REALTOR®, MLS® and Multiple Listing Service® are trademarks owned and controlled by The Canadian Real Estate Association and are used under licence.


Concerned about Condensation on Windows?

If you see a haze of condensation on your window, should you be concerned? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on a number of factors.

First of all, an occasional build-up of condensation is normal and often the result of fluctuating humidity in the home. Usually, it’s nothing to worry about. If you’re using a humidifier, try adjusting the levels. If the humidity is being generated naturally, try placing a dehumidifier nearby. Also, remove any plants and firewood from the area, as they can release a surprising volume of moisture into the air.

Do you see moisture in between the panes of glass that make up the window? If so, that means the seal has failed and moisture has crept in. Double and triple pane windows often contain a gas (argon, for example) that boosts the insulating qualities of the window. When the seal fails, the gas disappears, making the glass colder and often allowing condensation to creep in. Eventually, you’ll want to get it replaced.

If you see moisture build-up anywhere on the frame of the window, particularly at the joints, that could be a sign of water leaking through. That’s an issue you should get checked out immediately by a window contractor.


If you take care to price your home correctly — that is, at a price that is in line with what similar properties in the area have sold for recently — then you have a good chance of selling it at or near your asking price.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get a low-ball offer. You might. So what do you do when that happens?

First, understand that the buyer may not necessarily be trying to steal away your home at a bargain-basement price. He might simply be mistaken about its true market value. Of course, he might also be coming in at a low price in the hopes he’ll get lucky.

You will never actually know the buyer’s motives. So it would be a mistake to get angry or dismiss the offer out-of-hand. That low-ball offer might end up being the beginning of a negotiation that results in you selling your home at a good price.

Your first step is to work with your REALTOR® to determine:

• How serious the buyer is.

• How qualified the buyer is. (For example, does he have a preapproved mortgage?)

• How amenable the buyer is to a counter-offer that reflects the true market value of your home.

• What that counter-offer should be.

This isn’t an easy process. It takes knowledge and experience to get it right. That’s why working with a good REALTOR® is essential.


WINNIPEG - The strong sales performance in August resulted in bringing year-to-date sales ahead of last year for the first 8 months of 2015. Last month 2014 was ahead slightly but the lead slipped away by the end of August owing to the 11% increase in sales over August 2014.

 Dollar volume on the other hand has remained ahead of 2014 throughout the year.  In fact, August reinforced this consistent edge by setting a new dollar volume record for this month.  Over $340 million was transacted through the MLS® in August with one single family home sale fetching $2.1 million. Year-to-date dollar volume is now over $2.5 billion. It is up nearly 3% over last year and is the highest level it has ever been for the first 8 months.

 At 1,258 sales, August 2015 is right up there with the best. The three higher August month sales on record are modestly better with none reaching the 1,300 level.  As for listings, compared to the last few years, where there was a 25% and 19% increase in MLS® inventory by month end over the previous year, this year’s 5,600 listings is more restrained.  It is up less than 10% from August 2014 and down nearly 400 listings from last month.

 Nevertheless, the healthy supply of listings which roughly equates to four and one-half months on hand if no new listings were to come on the market, has not gone unnoticed by buyers wishing to take advantage of historically favourable mortgage rates and some of the more affordable house prices in the country.

 “At this point in the year, we are experiencing our 5th best sales year and dollar volume is ranked first and poised to set a new record by year end,” said WinnipegREALTORS® president Dave Mackenzie. “We are confident in the stability and consistency of Winnipeg’s real estate market. It really is symptomatic and reflective of a Manitoba economy which is diverse, resilient and performing well.”

 Manitoba boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and has shown positive gains in job creation. Its unemployment rate has averaged 2.1 % below Canada’s rate over the past 15 years. Manitoba’s GDP is expected to be the third best in the country at 2.2% in 2015.

 While condominium sales have been the subject of some concern this year some perspective is in order. Based on a five-year average of sales up until the end of August 2015 sales of 1,118 are only down 3%. The 160 condo sales or 26% increase in August over the same month last year has narrowed the year-to-date deficit from 19% at the end of July to 13% at August month end.

 “Two things need to be kept in mind for condominiums in the context of our local market,” said Mackenzie. “Despite their gains in overall MLS® market share over the last few years at the expense of single family homes, the latter still represents the lion’s share of our MLS® market activity. This year three out of every four sales is a single family home where condominiums have been closer to one in ten at 12% of total MLS® market share. The second point is we still have four months to go and a month like we had in August shows the gap may be narrowed further before year end.”

 Speaking more to the affordability of Winnipeg’s housing market where prices have been held in check due to a very balanced housing supply, the recent release of RBC’s housing affordability index for the 2015 second quarter is helpful in understanding where we fit in a national context.  It shows when it comes to buying a detached bungalow based on the pre-tax income needed to service the costs of owning a home at current market values Winnipeg is right in line with Montreal and Ottawa, not far off Calgary and Edmonton and well below Toronto and Vancouver.

 RBC’s chief economist Craig Wright said “…homebuyers in the province continue to face little undue pressure as affordability levels remain very close to historical norms.”

 The most active price range in August for residential-detached sales was $250,000-$299,999 (22% of sales), followed by the $200,000-$249,999 (17%) and $300,000-$349,999 (16%).  Average days on market for residential-detached sales was 38 days, a week slower than August 2014. The highest-priced residential-detached sale was a home in Headingley which sold for $2.1 million. The least expensive sale was $35,000.

 The busiest condo price range in August was $150,000-$199,999 (31% of sales), followed by $200,000-$249,999 (22%) and $250,000-$299,999 (19%).  Average days on the market for condominium sales was 55 days, two weeks slower than August 2014. The highest priced condo sold for $501,000 and the lowest priced sale was $60,000.





Established in 1903, WinnipegREALTORS® is a professional association representing over 1,880 real estate brokers, salespeople, appraisers, and financial members active in the Greater Winnipeg Area real estate market.  Its REALTOR® members adhere to a strict code of ethics and share a state-of-the-art Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) designed exclusively for REALTORS®. WinnipegREALTORS® serves its members by promoting the benefits of an organized real estate profession.  REALTOR®, MLS® and Multiple Listing Service® are trademarks owned and controlled by The Canadian Real Estate Association and are used under licence.


Here’s your monthly event guide for September!

To me there is nothing better than fall in this city. Well, maybe Summer.. But I really like to make the most of fall because we all know it’s just a precursor to 7-8 months of frozen hell. So as busy and crazy as September can be with school and work, I think it’s super important to spend these last few weeks enjoying the reminisce of summer, and embracing the sweater weather. So what’s going on this month that will help you make the most of September? Let me fill you in:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Sioux Fall Canaries

Where: Shaw Park

When: Tuesday, September 1st @ 7PM

To purchase tickets:

Twin Shadow in Concert

Where: West End Cultural Centre

When: Wednesday, September 2nd

To purchase tickets:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Sioux Fall Canaries

Where: Shaw Park

When: Wednesday, September 2nd @ 7PM

To purchase tickets:

Nas, Travis Scott, and oOoOO in Concert

Where: MTS Centre

When: Thursday, September 3rd

To purchase tickets:

Kenny Rogers in Concert

Where: Club Regent Casino

When: Thursday, September 3rd

To purchase tickets:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Sioux Fall Canaries

Where: Shaw Park

When: Thursday, September 3rd @ 7PM

To purchase tickets:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Sioux Fall Canaries

Where: Shaw Park

When: Friday, September 4th @ 7PM

To purchase tickets:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Lincoln Saltdogs

Where: Shaw Park

When: Saturday, September 5th @ 6:30PM

To purchase tickets:

Manitoba Brain Injury Association Annual Walk

Where: Assiniboine Park Conservatory

When:  Sunday, September 6th@ 10:00AM

What: The 11th annual walk in support of those affected with this disability. All those affected and loved ones are invited to join in on the event to help create awareness within the community. For more information, follow:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Lincoln Saltdogs

Where: Shaw Park

When: Sunday, September 6th @ 1:30PM

To purchase tickets:

Winnipeg Goldeyes host the Lincoln Saltdogs

Where: Shaw Park

When: Monday, September 7th @ 1:30PM

To purchase tickets:

Janet Jackson in Concert

Where: MTS Centre

When: Tuesday, September 8th

To purchase tickets:

Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Where: The Forks

When: Friday, September 11th – Sunday, September 13th

What: Supporting an incredibly important cause, this 3-day event sets out to create awareness and funds to help more Manitoba kids survive cancer. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and The Chidlren’s Hospital Foundation are teaming up to help those who are most vulnerable and need our help the most. For more information on how to sign up a team and/or donate, you can visit

Banjo Bowl: Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Where: Investors Group Field

When: Sunday, September 12th@ 5:30PM

What: Come out and watch as the Prairie rivals fight it out on the turf in the 12th annual Banjo Bowl. Tor purchase tickets:

Electric Donkey Run (#ElectricDonkeyRun)

Where: The Forks

When: Saturday, September 12th  - evening

What: This 5K Glow party is sure to make you wanna dance the night away! Participants are invited to come out in their brightest gear and move their way throw the 5K “run” in any way they choose. Think you can dance 5K straight? Why not give it a shot! To register follow:

Dream Walk 2015

Where: Assiniboine Park – Lyric Theatre

When: Saturday, September 12th@ 9:00AM

What: This walk is in support of the Dreams Take Flight organization which is a national non-profit organization consisting of Air Canada volunteers dedicated to providing the trip-of-a-lifetime to physically, mentally or socially challenged children. This organization seeks to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a child who feels limitations and show them that all dreams are possible.

D’Arcy’s A.R.C. Woof Walk

Where: Kildonan Park

When: Saturday, September 12th@ 12:30PM

What: The 5th annual Flipper memorial walk is in support of the D’Arcy’s A.R.C. shelter. Funds raised from the event will be allocated to iBARC for D’Arcy’s A.R.C. campaign. A wing in the expanded shelter will be dedicated to the memory of Flipper. For more information and how to register, follow:

Mark Mills & Doug Hoyer in Concert

Where: Park Theatre

When: Wednesday, September 16th

To purchase tickets:

AC/DC and Vintage Trouble in Concert

Where: Investors Group Field

When: Thursday, September 17th

To purchase tickets:

Kids Help Phone “Being There for Kids” Breakfast

Where: Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites

When: Friday, September 18th@ 7:30-9:00AM

What: This year’s breakfast will feature an important speaker who will speak out about the tragic loss of her daughter when she took her own life after a never ending struggle as a victim of cyber bullying. This may be the most important meal this month, so register today and find out how you can make an impact on a child who is suffering in silence. Event details and tickets:

The Tenors in Concert

Where: MTS Centre

When: Friday, September 18th

To purchase tickets:

Motionball Marathon of Sport

Where: Westwood Collegiate & Sansome School

When: Sunday, September 20th; registration @ 9:30AM

What: Motionball’s mandate is to introduce the next generation of volunteers and donors to the Special Olympics movement through integrates social and sporting events, creating relevant, meaningfull experiences that help bring the fun back into giving. Since its inception in 2002, motionball is organizing events in 11 Canadian cities and as a result of the many individuals, partners and organizations that have supported the movement, motionball has currently donated over $5,000,000 net to the Special Olympics Canadian Foundation. This full day event will have you sweating and smiling the whole day! Partnered with a local Special Olympics athlete, you will be playing alongside an individual who is directly impacted by this event and the funds raised throughout the day. If you’re competitive and have an interest in giving back to those who are in need, please follow this link for more information: To register a team, please email Kyle at

Terry Fox Run

Where: Assiniboine Park – Lyric Theatre

When: Sunday, September 20th@ 8:30AM

What: This year marks the 35th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope that inspired Canadians across the country and brought attention to the necessity of research in the fight against cancer. The Run is an all-inclusive, family-oriented activity, and charges no entry fee or minimum pledge amount.  Participants can run, walk, blade or bike in the company of those who believe their efforts are making a difference. The event will be held rain or shine. There will be a 3km, 5km and 10km run. People can also walk or bike at this free event. To download a pledge form or register online, go to

Shania Twain in Concert

Where: MTS Centre

When: Sunday, September 20th

To purchase tickets:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the Calgary Stampeders

Where: Investors Group Field

When: Friday, September 25th@ 7:30PM


Harlequin and Trooper in Concert

Where: Club Regent Casino

When: Friday, September 25th

To purchase tickets:

Culture Days

Where: Various venues

When: Friday, September 25th – Sunday, September 27th

What: Culture Days invites everyone to explore, discover and participate in arts and culture in every community across the country. In 2014, Culture Days’ 5th anniversary weekend was an incredible success according to the estimated 2 million people who participated in the 7,643 free activities hosted by artists and cultural organizations of all types in 891 cities and towns across Canada. The events are free to the public and are hands-on, interactive activities that invite the public to participate “behind the scenes”—and to discover the world of artists, creators, historians, architects, curators, and designers at work in their community. For full event details, go to:

Nuit Blanche Winnipeg

Where: Downtown/Winnipeg Art Gallery/Plug In, Exchange District, St. Boniface

When: Saturday, September 26th @ 6:00PM – Sunday, September 27th @ 6:00AM

What: NUIT BLANCHE WINNIPEG is a free all-night exploration and celebration of contemporary art. Every year, NUIT BLANCHE WINNIPEG attracts thousands of people to the downtown area to celebrate and experience art. Nuit Blanche Winnipeg is supported by Culture Days Manitoba. For more details, please go to:

Walk for Wildlife

Where: St. Vital Park

When: Saturday, September 26th@ 8:15AM

What: The PWRC’s third annual Walk for Wildlife is a 5 km individual or team walk  or 10 km individual or team run where participants are encouraged to collect pledges/donations from family and friends that will go directly towards caring for injured and orphaned wildlife in the province of Manitoba. Our goal is to raise the necessary funds to allow the PWRC to operate on a continual basis and provide superior care to Manitoba’s injured and orphaned wildlife. To register, go to:


There are many reasons why the air quality in your home may not be at its best. A faulty furnace or an aged carpet are just two potential culprits. Until you get those issues addressed, how do you make your indoor air healthier — today?

Here are some ideas:

• Check the furnace filter. This is one of the most overlooked maintenance items in the home. Any furnace repair person can tell you stories about filters they’ve seen caked in dust. Make sure those aren’t yours. Air passes through those filters before circulating throughout your home. Replacing a filter takes less than five minutes.

• Clean the drains. Drains are a surprisingly common source of odour in the home. Most people only clean them when they’re clogged, but they should be flushed thoroughly with a good-quality cleaner at least once a season.

• Turn on the bathroom fan. Not only do bathroom fans remove odour, they also reduce moisture build-up. About 50% of air pollutants originate from some type of moisture; mould being the worst. Professionals recommend you keep the bathroom fan on for at least 30 minutes after a shower.

• Clean your doormat. Even if your doormat doesn’t smell, it can be a source of air pollutants. When people wipe their shoes, they transfer pesticides and other outside ground pollutants from their shoes to your mat.

Of course, you can always open a window. That’s the most popular way to freshen the air, and it works.


Say you’re viewing a home and are impressed with how it looks. The walls are freshly painted. Everything seems bright and new. You’re considering making an offer.

Then, while standing on a mat in the kitchen, you hear a squeak below your feet. You lift the mat and see that some tiles are broken. Obviously the mat was there to, literally, cover up that defect.

A few broken tiles are not a big deal. But now you’re thinking, “What else might be wrong with this house?”

There’s no reason to worry that every home will have maintenance issues hidden from view. However, it’s smart to do your due diligence to ensure the home you’re considering is truly as good as it looks.

One way is to have a professional home inspector check out the property as a condition of your purchase offer. He or she will inspect the home from top to bottom, inside and out, and point out any issues you should address.

It’s also smart to ask questions. Find out the age of certain features, such as the roof, furnace, and appliances. Ask about any recent renovations, and determine whether they were done by a professional or by the homeowner.

Most importantly, work with a good REALTOR® who can provide you with information on the property that you would have difficulty getting on your own. Your REALTOR® has a stake in making sure you buy a home with your eyes wide open — knowing all the potential maintenance issues you’re likely to encounter

The trademarks REALTOR®, REALTORS®, and the REALTOR® logo are controlled by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and identify real estate professionals who are member’s of CREA. The trademarks MLS®, Multiple Listing Service® and the associated logos are owned by CREA and identify the quality of services provided by real estate professionals who are members of CREA. Used under license.